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Play Dead Vault
Dead Vault
Escape the dead vault. Shoot and kill zombies before the two characters die.
Play Dead Vault
Dead Vault
Play dead vault and guide the two characters to escape the vault. Switch weapons,...
Play Zombies Ate My Motherland
Zombies Ate My Motherland
Put a lid on the zombie infestation that plague your motherland. By fixing the...
Play Zombiesta
Defend the townsfolk from zombies at all cost. Use any available weapons to do the...
Play Awaken 2 Rise of Heroes
Awaken 2 Rise of Heroes
Rise as heroes in a desolate city infected by the zombie virus.
Play Decision 2 New City
Decision 2 New City
You are faced with the same problems you encountered in the old city... zombies....
Play Decision
Clear zombie infested parts of the city and restore power and other public utilities...
Play Dead Zed
Dead Zed
With 40 more days of waiting before help arrives, you must find ways to look for...
Play Vanish Rain
Vanish Rain
Survive days of terror as hordes of zombies invade your spot. Defeat all bosses to...
Play Lab of the Dead
Lab of the Dead
You are Allen C. Tyler, one of the people who survived the zombie apocalypse. You...
Play Rebuild 2
Rebuild 2
Rebuild the torn city and its government while keeping the threats of zombie attacks...
Play The Last Stand Union City
The Last Stand Union City
Your woke up after a terrible car accident to a place ridden with zombies. You do...
Play Insectonator Zombie Mode
Insectonator Zombie Mode
Wanna crush zombies like a bug? Insectonator - Zombie Mode lets you do just that...
Play Zombus
Run zombies over with your bus as your look for the safe zone.
Play Zomgies 2
Zomgies 2
You found yourself in the middle of a zombie infested city. Pack fire power and kill...
Play The Serum Aftermath
The Serum Aftermath
Trapped amidst a zombie apocalypse,while the tank is almost empty but fully armed...
Play Zombie Splatter
Zombie Splatter
A really good and humorous zombie game that revolves around Bob who noticed one day...
Play Curse Village Reawakening
Curse Village Reawakening
It is the reawakening of the undead that plague the Cursed Village and you are...
Play Curse Village
Curse Village
Fight back to save the village by keeping the undead behind the barricades with....
Play Zombie Outbreak
Zombie Outbreak
Here is the latest zombie shooting game for those of us who like to kill zombies.
Play Zombies Took My Daughter
Zombies Took My Daughter
Rescue your daughter from a zombie infested city before the government bombs it.
Play Last Stand 2
Last Stand 2
You have 40 days to get to union city. Pack up supplies, search for survivors and...
Play Dead Frontier Night Three
Dead Frontier Night Three
It is the third night of what seems to be an endless battle for the survival of your...
Play Zombieland
You have seen the movie, now it is time to play the game and see if you will have a...
Play Zombie Survival Outbreak
Zombie Survival Outbreak
Fight off the hordes of zombies coming towards you, as you progress through the...
Play More Zombies
More Zombies
Beat down or simply blow away as many zombies as possible to defend you almighty hot...
Play Dead Frontier Outbreak
Dead Frontier Outbreak
It started like any normal day at the office until the psycho virus broke loose! In...
Play Dead Frontier
Dead Frontier
Its pitch black and evil zombie creatures are coming at you from all directions, to... is the home of Scary Games.

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