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Play Haunted House Tours
Haunted House Tours
Haunted House Tours takes you to the belly of a haunted house where you need to...
Play Asylum VI
Asylum VI
You found yourself inside a locked asylum once again and you have to find a way...
Play Zombie Zero
Zombie Zero
Go into the abandoned lab where zombie hordes come from to stop the zombie...
John works for Moon Inc, a corporation that does research on the surface of the...
Play From Heaven To Hell Cries of Lost Souls Presents
From Heaven To Hell Cries of Lost Souls Presents
The police arrived too late, the woman who called them for help is now murdered and...
Play Solitarium
From a deep sleep, you find yourself in a strange place, a beautifully crafted house...
Play Killer Escape
Killer Escape
A mysterious serial killer is holding captive in some underground holding cell. ...
Play Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep
You are stuck in a dream, a nightmare that envelopes you with darkness yet however...
Play Sequester
Your sister is stuck in a world in between those of the dead and the living after...
Play Town of Fears
Town of Fears
A multi-character turnbased role playing game set in the Town of Fears.
Play Hood Episode 1
Hood Episode 1
A girl went missing and is rumored to have been turned into a witch who hexes anyone...
Play The Insanity 2
The Insanity 2
The continuation of the saga of Peter Langdon a journalist trying to uncover the...
Play The Infection
The Infection
In the Infection, an unknown contagion cropped up in a science lab and you are sent...
Play Intruder
In the middle of the night when the power was out, you noticed someone else is in...
Play Crypt Keeper
Crypt Keeper
Waking up in the middle of the night in a creepy graveyard without any recollection...
Play Silent Hill Room 304
Silent Hill Room 304
A horror game based on the popular game series from Konami that takes you to a...
Play Horror
A text based games that sure to give you the chills. Turn up the volume of your...
Play Foreign Creatures 2
Foreign Creatures 2
You are a blood thirsty alien sent to earth to grow stronger and breed an evil army...
Play Super HyberDoze
Super HyberDoze
Keep the girl on super hyberdoze by protecting her from elemental forces.
Play Monster Basement 2
Monster Basement 2
Turn off the lights and turn the volume up and descend into the monster basement to...
Play Toybox
You play the girl who just woke up with a throbbing headache to find herself in some...
Play Foreign Creatures
Foreign Creatures
Play the part of a blood-thirsty foreign beast leaving behind a trail of blood and...
Play Headless Havoc
Headless Havoc
You are the most feared headless horseman. You have to cut off as much head of...
Play The Cell
The Cell
Imprisoned without knowing why or who is keeping him there is just the start of a...
Play Alice Is Dead
Alice Is Dead
You are dragged back to Wonderland after the death of Alice with no memory of your...
Play Nightmares Broken Bones Complaint
Nightmares Broken Bones Complaint
Go to the land of Nightmares to help Victor as he faces his fears in the hopes of...
Play Ghostscape 2 The Cabin
Ghostscape 2 The Cabin
Another job for the expert on paranormal activity! This time, you are tasked to...
Play Ghostscape
Tasked to search for clues of paranormal activity on a haunted house, you find...
Play Dead Frontier Outbreak 2
Dead Frontier Outbreak 2
After a few months of surviving the zombie outbreak, our hero, once again, is faced...
Play Halloween Hunt 2
Halloween Hunt 2
Learn new magical skills and attack moves as you travel through the underworld...
Play Arise
Once again, you find yourself trapped in a strange room. How will you arise and...
Play The Insanity
The Insanity
Some evil creature has trapped you in a cage, it is up to you to get free of your...
Play Crow In Hell
Crow In Hell
Guide your crow through hell avoiding all of the skeletons and other traps put in...
Play Silent Hill Final Redemption
Silent Hill Final Redemption
After Father Vincent helped you to find the light in silent hill you had decided to... is the home of Scary Games.

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