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Play Human Centipede The Game
Human Centipede The Game
You play the part of a mad German doctor who attach asses to mouths of your subjects...
Play Orchestrated Death
Orchestrated Death
Walk on the shoes of The Reaper and bring freak accidents upon every living soul on...
Play Azylum
Only a few have dared to go inside the recesses of the old Ayzlum. All those who...
Play Freak o Lantern
Freak o Lantern
You are a deformed child that only wants your candies on Halloween night. Since no...
Play Puzzle Zombies
Puzzle Zombies
Help Jack quell the zombie threat by helping loading and shooting his gun for him.
Play Killer Escape 2 The Surgery
Killer Escape 2 The Surgery
You are trapped in what seems to be a surgical lab where some sadist is trying to...
Play Handless Millionaire 2
Handless Millionaire 2
Risk your hands for a chance to win a Million Dollars. Can you reach the last round...
Play Creepos Tales Chopping Restaurant
Creepos Tales Chopping Restaurant
Find the reason why all burger joints in the city are closing down and all customers...
Play Slender 2D Kill Slender
Slender 2D Kill Slender
Find Slender Man and shoot him with your bullets. You only have a limited amount of...
Play Evilgeddon Spooky Max
Evilgeddon Spooky Max
Eliminate the three bosses that conquered the City of Davouk with their evil minions.
Play Tribulation
Blast zombies off before they get a chance to feed on you.
Play Flaming Zambooka 3
Flaming Zambooka 3
We take a quick stop at the circus to save the performers from zombie infestation...
Play Handless Millionaire
Handless Millionaire
Be prepared to lose your hands to win this game that can turn you into a millionaire...
Play Zombies Ate My Phone
Zombies Ate My Phone
Zombies are everywhere and they are hungry for brains.

Your friends are calling...

Play Escape the Grim Asylum
Escape the Grim Asylum
After entering the Grim Asylum, you found all doors out to be blocked by some sort...
Play Aurora 2
Aurora 2
Continue your quest for the truth a few months after the event that happened in Red...
Play Zombie Train
Zombie Train
Stuck in the Zombie train with nowhere else to go. Every stop seems to be infested...
Play Ectology
Play the part of a ghost buster. Use your scientific tools and ecto-light gun to...
Play Horror Icons Memory Game
Horror Icons Memory Game
A scary memory game filled with iconic movie monsters.
Play Rotting Onslaught
Rotting Onslaught
Play Mutant Uprising
Mutant Uprising
With a knock on the door, you were awakened to a hideous reality. A deadly disease...
Play Zombie Cage
Zombie Cage
A pack of zombies is coming and the only barrier between you and them is a flimsy...
Play Paris Scary Game
Paris Scary Game
Might be a bit old, this Paris Hilton inspired scary game is within the genre of an...
Play The Maze 3 1
The Maze 3 1
A redo of the popular game, the Maze, Maze 3.1 is faithful to the original game...
Play Zombie Korps
Zombie Korps
Scary zombies are out to get the last survivors of the contagion with your troops...
Play Ask the Spirits 2
Ask the Spirits 2
Ask the spirits and they will answer your questions but be careful not to upset them.
Play Museum of Science Fiction
Museum of Science Fiction
After realizing that you are drugged and taken 50 floors below the Museum of Science...
Play Zombies Surrounded
Zombies Surrounded
Being the sole survivor of a gruesome zombie infestation is not easy. You have to...
Play Assylum 626
Assylum 626
Assylum 626 the latest realistic game from the minds who brought us Hotel 626, is...
Play The Tin Soldier
The Tin Soldier
Assist the broken tin soldier as he ventures to explore the ghastly landscape while...
Play The Cursed Beneath
The Cursed Beneath
Survive zombie attacks in the abandoned mine by shooting them before they could ever...
Play Zombie Apocalypse Quiz
Zombie Apocalypse Quiz
Take the quiz that would determine your rate of survival in case your city is...
Play Reincarnation TCOU
Reincarnation TCOU
Use your evil skills and amplify its evil effect with the use of random items you...
Play Arrival in Hell 2
Arrival in Hell 2
Woke up in hell with no recollection why or what happened, your mission is to find a... is the home of Scary Games.

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